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Ronen Chamber Ensemble
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If it's your first Ronen concert
When should I arrive?
Ronen concerts start at 7:30 pm. Plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the concert. That will give you ample time to find a seat and read the program notes.

Where will my seats be?
Ronen concerts are open seating. Choose a seat where you can see the musicians and enjoy the concert.

When do I applaud?
Typically the audience applauds when the musicians come on stage and then at the end of each piece. Please do not applaud between movements. If you are not sure when to applaud, just follow the rest of the audience!

Can I bring a cell phone or camera?
Ronen requests that you be sure to turn off your cell phone or beeper during the concert. We also ask you to refrain from taping the concert or taking photos.

How long does a performance last?
Typically a performance lasts about an hour and a half. There is a fifteen minute intermission. And of course you will want to stay after the concert to enjoy the famous Ronen Reception.

Can I meet the musicians?
Ronen is known for the delightful reception that follows each concert. Ensemble members, soloists and composers look forward to meeting you at the reception.

Music and Drums

To learn more about the music

  Read the program notes.
  Listen to a recording of the music.
  Meet the musicians after the concerts.


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